Tuesday, June 19, 2018

    US Rapper XXXTentacion dead at 20

    Rapper XXXTentacion has been confirmed dead after he was shot this evening in Florida.

    The Florida rapper (real name Jahseh Onfroy)was shot in South Florida when he was leaving a motorcycle dealer.

    A gunman allegedly ran up on his vehicle and shot him.

    XXXTentacion got his start on SoundCloud and, in March, earned his first No. 1 album.

    About four hours ago, he revealed on Instagram he was planning a charity.

    His shooter has not yet been identified .He was just 20.

    US Rapper XXXTentacion shot in Florida

    Rapper XXXTentacion has been shot in Florida, TMZ reports. According to eyewitnesses, the Florida rapper (real name Jahseh Onfroy) “appeared lifeless with no pulse.”

    He was reportedly shot in South Florida when he was leaving a motorcycle dealer. A gunman allegedly ran up on his vehicle and shot him.

    The Broward County Fire Department has confirmed to TMZ that XXXTentacion has been transported to a hospital but say his current condition is not yet known.

    XXXTentacion got his start on SoundCloud and, in March, earned his first No. 1 album. The controversial rapper has also been accused of domestic violence and was still awaiting trial for those charges at the

    Monday, June 18, 2018

    Sync your iMessages across all your Apple devices

    Messages in iCloud allow you to sync your iMessages through all your Apple devices with the use of your iCloud account.

    When this feature was first announced, it wasn’t an exact syncing, although users got messages on all devices, but, deleting a conversation on one device did not necessarily delete it from the others. Furthermore, when you set up a new Apple device, your previous conversations will not appear on it. Messages in iCloud makes all these possible, however, it means that your free 5GB memory on iCloud will be used up. But you can opt for the 50GB service, it’s $0.99 per month.

    To set it up on iPhone or iPad,
    Update your iOS on either your iPhone or iPad to at least iOS 11.4.
    Open the Settings app and tap your name at the top.

    Select “iCloud”.

    Toggle “Messages” on.

    You also have to do this on any other iOS device you own that you wish to sync with iMessages.

    To set it up on your Mac,
    Update your macOS to at least High Sierra 10.13.5.
    Next, open the Messages app.
    Head over to Messages and then Preferences on the menu bar at the top-left corner of the screen.

    Click the”Accounts” tab.

    Select “Enable Messages in iCloud”.

    When that’s done you’ll see a popup that will inform you your messages are syncing with your iCloud account. The amount of time this takes depends on the amount of messages you have.

    Microsoft, introducing SwiftKey keyboard to Windows 10

    On reports that we got from our sources, Microsoft is making arrangements to bring its SwiftKey keyboard to Windows 10 a sometime this year. For some time now, the company has been testing SwiftKey in a public beta program that it organized for Windows 10 testers. The keyboard comes with the same features that it has on both iOS and Android such as autocorrections and predictions and as an upgrade, it will provide power to the touch keyboard when Windows 10 devices are being operated in tablet mode.

    The latest update to the Windows 10 which was codenamed Redstone 5 comes with access to SwiftKey in English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian, Italian, and Russian as an accessory. It was in the year 2016 that Microsoft got SwiftKey as an acquisition and its first major update to feature was made earlier this year on iOS and Android. On the other hand, Microsoft is also working on making some significant changes to its Windows 10 Game Bar. The Windows 10 Game Bar is a new option that gives a view of the framerate of any particular game as well as its CPU usage, GPU VRAM usage, and system RAM usage. From the Windows 10 Game Bar, audio output devices can be adjusted as well as the volume of games.

    The tech giant is as well trying to fine-tune the way texts are made bigger in Windows apps. Our sources say there’s a new settings slider that will adjust the size of texts across Windows, desktop apps, and Universal Windows apps. The narrator in Windows 10 seems to be getting an upgrade too. The company has made a few changes to it to make it more useful.

    In conclusion, Edge Browser now has an option that lets users block autoplay videos just like in Google Chrome. There’s a new “allow sites to automatically play media” option that’s been made available and Microsoft is getting feedback on the best way to incorporate this into Windows 10.

    Google seems to want to launch a podcast app

    After months of continuously working to build its presence on the podcasts, it appears as if Google is at last ready to release an app that is specially designed for podcasts.

    Our sources spotted a snippet of code that reveals the recent version of the Google app contains a concealed prompt that asks users to “Get the Google Podcasts app.” A few months ago, Google built a full podcast interface inside the Google app which we expect will be accessed through a home screen and the app launcher shortcut. People who have used Android devices for a long time should be able to recall that Google had an app with the name of Listen, which was its initial endeavor at a podcasts player. However, it was shut down in 2012, the year Apple launched its own Podcast app for iOS.

    Home screen shortcuts of the same design have been designed by Google for other services like the Google Assistant or the Google Lens recently. Although these services in the actual sense live inside the Google app, the shortcuts however make them look like services that work on their own. It is expected that the app will provide Android users with a much easier process to listen to podcasts.

    At the moment, users have the ability to track their subscriptions and browse through podcasts that are in vogue with the use of the Google search engine on mobile, the only problem is that plodding through the site could feel less instictive and gawky. Be that as it may, Zack Reneau-Wedeen, podcast product manager at Google, confirmed back in April that quite a large number of users try to use the feature on a daily basis. There’s a probability that the upcoming app will be an extension and will have same interface as the current one.

    There’s no doubt that listeners will have the ability to tune in on their phones through Google Play Music or with the help of third-party apps like PocketCasts. According to the report we got from our sources, the Google podcast app should make an appearance in the Play Store when it begins to run, although no particular date has been set.

    Sunday, June 17, 2018

    Firefox Browser to use Pocket to build a better news feed than Facebook

    On this week’s episode of Converge came with a revelation of the reason Pocket founder and CEO Nate Weiner sold his company to Mozilla, as well as information of a better version of the Facebook News Feed that he is working on for the Firefox browser. The pocket is a platform that allows people to save articles and videos that they discover on the internet for use at a later time. As of now, the platform has a home within the Mozilla Firefox browser where it will serve as the engine that will be making recommendations to 50 million individuals on a monthly basis. CEO Nate Weiner is of the opinion that the company can get to show the best that the internet has to offer in a personalized manner to people through analysis of the articles and videos that they save into Pocket without the need to build a profile for the user.

    In the words of Weiner, “We’re testing this really cool personalization system within Firefox where it uses your browser history to target personalized [recommendations], but none of that data actually comes back to Pocket or Mozilla. It all happens on the client, inside the browser itself. There is this notion today… I feel like you saw it in the Zuckerberg hearings. It was like, ‘Oh, users. They will give us their data in return for a better experience. That’s the premise, right? And yes, you could do that. But we don’t feel like that is the required premise. There are ways to build these things where you don’t have to trade your life profile in order to actually get a good experience.”

    The pocket can make an analysis of which articles and videos on the internet that are shared and those ones that are read or watched. With time, the company gets an understanding of which links provide high-quality content that both Pocket and Firefox users could enjoy.

    Sometime later, Weiner expects to provide publishers with an opportunity to reach new audiences and at the same gain revenue sources to aid journalism. He said, “We want to be able to create something that’s good for all the parties that are involved. And it’s going to take some time.”

    Saturday, June 16, 2018

    Apple banned developers from selling and sharing users’ contacts

    Technology giants Apple is increasing the restrictions the rules of its App Store in a bid to protect users from developers who are after user data for themselves or for sale to third parties. Before this time, it was found that developers would require users to provide their contacts and then sell this data without seeking the consent of the users or their contacts.

    The changes that were made to the rules regarding the App Store were made just last week. The rules precisely state that developers have now been stopped from turning address books into a database for various contacts and also from selling that database. They can’t also turn data into user profiles. Although, developers will still be able to ask users to provide contact lists for use within their app, but, the catch is that the developers will have to inform the users what they intend to do with the user data provided. If it turns out that they have a common purpose, they will need to ask the users for further permission.

    Facebook had previously faced a serious controversial scandal with Cambridge Analytica in March this year for having allowed a third-party developer to obtain user data of more than 87 million individuals. The timing with which Apple has placed this restrictive rules in the App Store appears as if the company is seeking to stop the same issue of data misuse by developers from occurring. The only problem is that the company cannot help the data that has already been collected and probably sold before these rules were placed. More so, even though Apple can remove apps designed by developers who go against the rules that have been set, the company does not have complete control of what the developers will decide to do with the data as soon as they’re collected from the users which so happens to be the same issue that Facebook had to face.

    Facebook Plans To Ban Businesses From Posting Ads

    Reports reaching us hat Facebook now permits users to file complaints against businesses they have had transactions with and afterward had a problem after clicking on any of their ads. If a lot of people complain about anyone business, Facebook would be left with no choice but to ban that company from running ads.

    The new policy is rolling out globally starting today, and it’s meant to help Facebook fight back against another type of advertising abuse on its platform. Facebook says it’s trying to combat “bad shopping experiences,” which can cost customers and make them frustrated with Facebook, too.

    The company happens to be interested in some very specific areas such as shipping time, product quality, and customer service. This move made by Facebook goes beyond misleading ads, if it so happens that a company provides poor service, or products that are not up to the expectations of buyers, they are at risk of being removed from the platform.

    Our sources report that Facebook will be sending notifications to users to inquire of their experience once it notices that they have purchased anything after they have clicked on an ad. If you intend to, you can find the company you made purchase from and leave a feedback on the Ads Activity page.

    Facebook has stated that businesses will be informed of negative feedback and that it will aid in pointing out the problems that clients will be having. If feedback from clients does not improve after a warning, Facebook will be forced to reduce the number of ads any company will be able to run. If the issue persists, the company will be banned totally.

    Sure, a lot of people like leaving online feedback when they have complaints. On this note, Facebook will take care to not remove businesses who don’t deserve it over the grievances of a few customers. But on the whole, some problematic companies will be removed.

    The New Surface Pro 6, ‘heavily redesigned’ for debut in 2019

    Reports have reached us from our sources which say that Microsoft has plans to make some model changes to the Microsoft Surface Pro by next year. According to the reports, the Surface Pro 6 as it is referred to for now will not be hitting the market until the middle of next year, be that as it may, it will be “heavily redesigned.” We have no details as of yet of what this redesign will look like or what it will carry, however, we got another tip that informed us the Surface Pro 6 is codenamed, Carmel. Microsoft is also working on another project – the latest Intel 8th generation processors.

    Further reports that we received from our sources have notified us that a Surface Laptop could be making its headway to the tech market by the fall and it will have within it the latest Intel processors. We suspect that the Surface Laptop, as well as the redesigned Surface Pro, are both going to have a USB-C port, although we are yet to ascertain that. Truth be told, it would be a smart option and would be more reasonable for the tech giant to incorporate the USB-C into these new devices particularly since the company introduced the Surface Book 2 with a USB-C port not too long ago. Although there is a huge chance Microsoft will save its Surface Connector for the next generation. Our sources report that the Surface Connector or mystery device as it is popularly called is the same as a Jabra Evolve.

    These recent reports that we have gotten concerning the Surface devices came after a report that was published in the previous month by an esteemed source which disclosed that Microsoft was working on $400 Surface tablets that will be better fit as a competition for the Chromebooks and iPads in education. More so on the report, the Surface tablets will have 10-inch displays, USB-C for charging and they will have a weight that’s exactly 20 percent lighter the weight of the present Surface Pro devices.

    Learn How to customize what Gmail swipes Does

    On Android Phones 
    The swipe feature is one of the cool features ever to arrive on Gmail for Android. Before now, the swipe feature allows you to either archive or delete an email. But the latest version permits you to customize what the swipe does.
    In order to customize what the Gmail swipe does;
    • Tap your profile picture at the top-left on your Gmail.
    • Next, scroll down to Settings.
    • Head to General Settings and click on Swipe Actions. From this point you can determine what action you want swipe to perform be it Archive, Delete, Mark as read/unread, Move to, Snooze, and None.
    With the swipe action, you can select any action that will make it a lot more easier to free up your inbox